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Highlights from the Schumacher Farm Park Heritage Fest by Roger Bindl with music (and permission) by Bluegrass TeA & Company. Focus is on setting up and connecting a 1922 Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company Steam Engine to a threshing machine, with shots of the other activities… horse drawn wagon rides, making […]

Schumacher Farm Park 2015 Heritage Fest

Shots of the 1930’s McCormick-Deering Binder at Schumacher Farm with tidbits of information on the history of binders – inventors from Wisconsin that found ways to bind with wire and then twine with a knot tying mechanism. Produced by Visit to learn more about the farm.

1930’s McCormick-Deering Binder at Schumacher Farm

Wisconsin Women – Brewers and Growers by Roger Bindl. Stories from Wisconsin women on their backgrounds, education, and experiences. How they became brewers and growers in the craft beer industry. The list includes assistant brewers, head brewers, brew-master, and horticulturists, with backgrounds in bio-tech, home brewers, micro-biology, Geo-sciences, agriculture, and […]

Women Brewers and Hops Growers