Minnesota Historical Society Greatest – films from Greatest Generation Film Project and 1968 Film Project.

Films produced for 2008 Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) Greatest Generation Film Project. Above: Micky Axton "Miss Micky" was one of the first three women to become test pilots in World War II. She was drawn to flying during the 20’s barnstorming days, educated to become a pilot, recruited into the […]

Greatest Generation Films 2008

Reflecting on WWII through uniform collection of Kurt Barickman and memories from veterans in Albert Lea Minnesota. Originally produced for MNHS Greatest Generation Film Project. Public Domain Photos from and Veterans Service Albert Lea. Creative Commons BY music "Photo te: Yellow Flowers" by Anthony Raijekov.

Collections & Reflections

Best Depiction of the Era Award winner at 2007 MNHS film project… A short documentary on growing up during the 1930's depression as part of the Greatest Generation Film Project produced for the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) Film Project 2006. Life was normal to these men and women growing up […]

The Best of Hard Times