Craft Beer

Highlights from the pilot brew tasting of Common Thread Beer. The beer is produced annually for Madison Craft Beer week with profits going to Wisconsin Brewers Guild. Some of the participating brewers at the tasting included Rochelle Francois, Asstant Brewer, Wisconsin Brewing Company, Ashley Kinart, Brewmaster, Capital Brewery, Allyson Rolph, […]

Common Thread Pilot Beer Tasting – Madison Craft Beer Week

Wisconsin Women – Brewers and Growers by Roger Bindl. Stories from Wisconsin women on their backgrounds, education, and experiences. How they became brewers and growers in the craft beer industry. The list includes assistant brewers, head brewers, brew-master, and horticulturists, with backgrounds in bio-tech, home brewers, micro-biology, Geo-sciences, agriculture, and […]

Women Brewers and Hops Growers