Scope of Work

Click on thumbnails below to view video samples from the various types of work I’ve done over the past 10 years or so. In addition to this site, check YouTube and BlipTV for more, plus my video journalism work in partnership with Viodi at ViodiTV.

thumb-calix-innov-awards Documonial video’s produced for for Calix
Play Video 100 Years of Telecom in Wisconsin – Documentary: Short documentary on history of telecommunications in Wisconsin and the 100 year anniversary of the WSTA – Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association.
Play Video Best of Hard Times – Award Winning Documentary – Best Depiction of the Era at MN Historical Society’s Greatest Generation Film Project (MNHS): Making the Best of Hard Times is a brief look at the lives of six people that grew up during the 1930s. As teens and pre-teens they worked and played during a Great Depression, yet thought little of it… this was the life they knew.
Play Video Miss Micky – the Flyer Award Winning Documentary – Audience Award at MNHS Greatest Generation Film Project: Short documentary on Mickey Axton – Miss Mickey – a WWII WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) test pilot, and first woman to fly a B-29.
Play Video Sheperd’s Pie with a change – Award Winning COOKING – 1st Place in Category at Kraft: Shepherd’s Pie Recipe with a changed ingredient, for Kraft Cooking Video Challenge. Produced during Wis-Kino 48 Hour Kabaret event.
thumb-building-towers Building Towers – Selection Award at Milwaukee 24 Hour Film Fest. A story on procrastination. A very early experiment with animation and green screen. Time selection forced us to use bad location, and poor lighting, but made the 24 hour deadline limit and was one selected for screening – that was the award. 🙂
Play Video Collections and Reflections – Documentary: Reflecting on WWII through WWI collection of Kurt Barickman and memories from veterans in Albert Lea Minnesota
Democracy in a Police State – Documentary: Ed Garvey recounts events from 1961 and 1968… SNCC, Segregation, Fighting for Civil and Human Rights, caped off with 1968 Democratic Nation Convention in Chicago — law student riding with the police.
Play video  More than Just Hot Air  – LOCAL EVENTS: Evy Nerbonne provides an overview to the 2010 Hot Air Affair in Hudson Wisconsin. Video includes clips from interviews with balloonists, the balloons, the torch parade, smoosh board competition, geocaching, 5K race, and shots from the air as we crossed the St Croix River into Minnesota. John Trione the Easy Wind balloon pilot tells us how the hare and hounds balloon competition works.Full interviews will be uploaded soon… Wally, POW-MIA, Geocaching
Play Video Geocaching at Hot Air – It’s a family affair – LOCAL EVENTS: Patrick, the “Two of Hearts” provides a great explaination and perspective on what geocaching is all about. It’s a low tech, high tech, treasure hunt type of adventure the whole family can enjoy.
Play Video Honor Flight Freedom Flight – LOCAL EVENTS: Luke Cesnik talks to us about Honor Flight… a time to remember our WWII vets that are disappearing rapidly before us. The program honors vets and is filled with mail call emotion and a wonderful way to honor veterans.
Play Video  Bloody Lake Rendezvous – 2009 – LOCAL EVENTS: A visit with the past at Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Woodford Wisconsin. I talk with Brigands’ Folie on how they got into this, and they play a song of course… River Pirate.
Play Video Music at Bloody Lake LOCAL EVENTS: Music at Bloody Lake Rendezvous with Jeremy Kingsbury on Bagpipe, and Brigands’ Folie.
Play Video  Bow Hunt at Bloody Lake – LOCAL EVENTS: Denny Oostdik of the Yellowstone Flint & Cap Club tells us about the bow hunt at the Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Woodford, Wisconsin. Music intro and closing by Brigands’ Folie. Produced by HEM Productions, Roger Bindl, 2007.
Play Video Tour the Marsh in Voyageur Canoes – LOCAL EVENTS: A tour of the Cherokee Marsh in Voyageur Canoes sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and supported by Friends of Cherokee Marsh. This was part of Dane County’s Take a Stake in the Lakes Weeks.
Play Video Cherokee Frog Walk – LOCAL EVENTS: Our brief look at the Frog Walk at Cherokee Marsh organized by Natural Heritage Land Trust, Madison Wisconsin, and sponsored by Fontana Sports Specialties. Video produced by HEM productions, Roger Bindl.
Play Video My Bike with Cyclemotor – BIKING: Testing the Cyclemotor on my bike. The one from first electric bike series where I couldn’t get the other kit on bike.
Play Video My 1st electric bike rural roads – BIKING: My first video on Electric Bikes, originally on Google video, now YouTube in higher quality. A bit long, and a bit silly, but covers the arrival through building and riding my battery powered electric bike.This was a story for Rural Roads by Roger which sort of fell by the wayside, or parked under a shady tree as I’ve done stories on cyclemotor, and keep planning to do update on the batteries. Perhaps soon.
My Bike with Cyclemotor – BIKING: Testing the Cyclemotor on my bike. The one from first electric bike series where I couldn’t get the other kit on bike.
Play Video Bike the Barns 2009 – BIKING: Highlights from Bike the Barns 2009 presented by MACSAC in partnership with Underground Food Collective. This 52 mile bike ride tours three farms southwest of Madison Wisconsin for food and tours
Play Video Molten Chocolate Cakes – COOKING: Cooking Kraft Molten Chocolate Cakes with my favorite part… nibbling on chocolate. A very quick and easy recipe to baked in muffin cups, custard cups, or souffle dishes.


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