Wisconsin Women – Brewers and Growers

Wisconsin Women – Brewers and Growers by Roger Bindl. Stories from Wisconsin women on their backgrounds, education, and experiences. How they became brewers and growers in the craft beer industry. The list includes assistant brewers, head brewers, brew-master, and horticulturists, with backgrounds in bio-tech, home brewers, micro-biology, Geo-sciences, agriculture, and horticulture.

Visits with Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company, Capital Brewery, Thristy Pagan, Tyranena Brewing Company, Pearl Street Brewery, Gorst Vally Hops, and Redhead Hops. Since producing this video Ashley Kinart at Capital Brewery has become the Brewmaster there and I’m guessing the greenhouse may be operational at Gorst Valley Hops – we’ll see soon.

With Creative Commons Music “Straight to the Light2” by AlexBeroza at ccMixter.org.