Recent visits to Octopi Brewing

I wanted to experiment with creating photospheres, fast-motion video’s from time lapse photos, and play with my cameras; Octopi Brewing opened their doors the me recently and was a great help. Here are some of the results from the past few weeks.

This is an interactive photosphere of the brewery. Use your mouse to rotate and zoom the image below, and click on the “View on Google Maps” to see other sphere’s of the brewery.

Watch the video below for an example of time lapse photography (2 photos per second) put on a 30 frames per second time line – it speeds up by 15 times. This was one of my fast-motion video tours. I actually tweaked a bit to slow it down; the 15:1 ratio was a bit fast, but I also paused at certain points (keeping the time lapse going for effect).

This is another example of time-lapse photos used for fast-motion. Some are slowed down for effect and to mix it up. Octopi’s 1st Anniversary.

And this one below is just for fun on using Octopi’s Randall to do a fresh hops infusion. We’re planning to do a wild chicory infusion one of these days from roadside chicory I dug up, dried, and roasted. Way more fun than buying it from the store.

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