Mars-n-Art Venture

Famous Artist Aspiration Days – Now called Mars-n-Art Venture: The following photos are a composite or collage of images that are not real. The images were created from various photos over a few weeks to tell an imaginary story of how I was going to get to Mars to become famous. It’s all about becoming the silliness of becoming famous – as reality shows have shown the compulsion – but this was nonsense from the beginning and that is all it is.

001-famous-artist1-1280x720 FAADAY1 – I decided earlier this evening, while mowing the lawn, that I’d become a famous artist. Here is my first piece of work that will likely be worth a lot of money when I become stranded on Mars. I’m am offering it for sale and speculation on future value at a greatly reduced price. Contact me for details. This is a limited time offer and will expire when I actually reach Mars. Buyer will receive full size version in 1080p.
002-famous-artist1-2-1280x720 FAADAY2 – Created Acronym for plans “Famous Artist Aspirations” Day 2. Working on plans for Mars. Believe this to be key element in achieving F part but see obstacles. Looking into Virgin Galactic. Expanded collection to include “#2 with Subtle”. I believe item one will be sold today.
003-faa-01-1280x720 FAADAY3 – First piece sold for undisclosed amount to person wearing cap, cigar in hand, and sipping scotch ale. Bidding war started immediately afterwards, but too late – already sold. “Looking through blind windows” added to collection today. Evaluating an addition to image 1 series. Merits under review.
004-faa-city-bugs-01 FAADAY4 – Pondering the $20K deposit for Virgin Galactic flight. Need to sell many images to reach $200K price tag. Still not sure they’ll drop me off at Mars. Decided to increase selling price of images as travel costs are surmounting. “City Bugs” added to collection. It’s an American Pelecinid – a wasp – reminds me a space ship that may take me to Mars.
005-faa-space-walk-1280x720 FAADAY5 – Buyer #1 was confused with speculative value but then recalled stranding; a key element to future value. I am now adding guarantee that price will rise significantly from what purchase price once stranding is accomplished. Today’s photo collage depicts realization that I may have to buy a suit for the trip. Dang it, I hate dressing up.
Alt: Zoo Day in Haze FAADAY6 – Another photo collage sold! Prices have already doubled! Quote from unidentified Silicon Valley booster buyer… “Given the volatility in the financial markets and uncertain economic times, there are limited investments that a mogul such as myself can make and feel assured that there is some sort of return.  With imagery from an arteest as prolific and unique as “Rogeris”, I can rest easy at nice knowing the value of my investment will shoot past the moon.” Zoo Day in Haze added to collection.
Auto Relief FAADAY7 – Had great idea yesterday during Edgewood English Dept. party and discussions about photo collages and on trip to Mars. Idea is to find used space suit from from space shuttle group at NASA. They don’t need suits anymore so I should be able to find a good deal on eBay. This will help with surviving on Mars. Still need to work on travel. Perhaps old earth vehicles could be modified to fly. Latest installment is called “Auto Relief”
Road Tracks FAADAY8 – I don’t see Mars on the Virgin Galactic trip schedule. May have to look for another space ship. I may need to think outside the box. Could possibly take lesson from the old man in “Up” but use those new space material balloons instead of rubber. Whatever the case, in addition to preparing more collages I need to consider training. Will work on cold weather survival this winter. “Road Tracks” uploaded today.
Swamp Bottle FAADAY9 – Are there monsters on Mars?
You Say Dam FAADAY10 – I’ve become obsessed with water lately after realizing water on Mars may be scarce if existent at all. Temperature and atmosphere could also become more of a problem than anticipated as I haven’t found a good space suit on eBay yet. Maybe I should go directly to NASA for used suit. I’m also thinking of constructing my own to save money. Sales of collages has slowed down a little since the early acquisitions, but still showing promise, so perhaps money won’t be an issue.
Warm Nights FAADAY11 – Jacalyn came up with new idea for travel – wormhole. I’m looking around for one that bridges the area of space between earth and mars. If anyone sees one please let me know. The award for finding wormhole will be invaluable collage from the FAA Collection.
Bee Garden FAADAY12 – Looked all around for those shortcuts through spacetime – the wormholes to Mars. No luck so far but optimistic and need to be sure we find traversable wormhole so we actually come out the far end. This could theoretically put damper on becoming a famous artist by default of being stranded on Mars – since I could take same route back. But not to worry, will pursue new avenue for reaching goal and worry about that later. Keep buying collages… remember they’ll become valuable.
With a Worm FAADAY13 – Wormholes all over the place but the subtle knife may work better. Most of the wormholes are in earth and only lead to knight crawlers. Subtle knife, if I can find one, may cut fabric of spacetime so I can walk through. Will be looking for both. New installment named “With a Worm” for positive vibes.
Butter Rooms FAADAY14 – Week two comes to an end. I’ve tried every knife we own. None of t are subtle. No one has reported sighting of a wormhole although one person thought poorly of worm sandwiches. Virgin Galactic is still an idea for Mars trip. I think one day they will include landing on planets. We’re experimenting with the Red Green staple for repair and construction. Suit is underway.
Spotted Balloons FAADAY15 – After an absence of several weeks I feel closer to reaching Mars as Spaceport America is now open. This has to means something or have some significance for getting me to Mars. New optimism returns as recent thoughts of balloons are now only fignewtons of my imagination and past thinking.
014-water-on-mars-720 FAADAY16 – I missed the boat, had my chance, could be on my way aboard the Mars Science Laboratory plus they had a vehicle for me to get around. Curious that they should name it Couriosity as I am curious about getting to Mars for this artistic venture. Perhaps this wasn’t the way though. They left Nov. 26, 2011 but won’t get to Mars till Aug. 6, 2012. Not sure why their so slow on 352 mile flight. Or was that 352 million miles. Back to looking for wormhole. I’m in a hurry.
faaday-17-720 FAADAY17 – Curiosity is well on it’s way, both the space lab and mine. Directions have goten me nowhere. Signs point to the sky, but roadblocks on lighted trails leave me on the ground. I’m no closer to Mars today than when I started last year. It’s time to put on thinking cap… what else is there, perhaps my imagination. Think I’ll work on that next.  The series has generated little interest, so looking for a generator.
Band Lands Compilation Mars-n-Art 18: Curiosity landed safely on Mars today Aug. 8, 2012. New transportation now available for when I make it to Mars. I had been concerned and curious how I’d get around but that is taken care of now. No new news on transportation to Mars, but inspiration from landing has me thinking again. Product sales for covering expenses a little behind but I am confident sales will increase heavily now.