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formerly know as HEM production – producing video’s for clients and commercial viewing. Video production includes conception to projection… story ideas, filming, animation, video editing, royalty free music, processing, and distribution for multi-screen viewing (on-line, large screen, TV, portable devices…). This site showcases experimental, to professionally produced series. Below are sampling’s of key works, and award winning videos. Use contact form for more information.

A Sampling

Award Winning Video’s

Other works include a greatest generation series for MNHS film project,  Music Video, journalism work in partnerhsip with ViodiTV, and the Innovation Award Videos series for Calix.

Bindl Productions provides extremely efficient and effective production with planning, scripts, camera, graphics, audio, lighting, editing, special effects, and distribution for on-line, TV, DVD, and beyond.  We’re here to have fun, produce good video’s for a reasonable cost, and not break the house in doing so.

Contact Roger Bindl for more information.

Bindl Productions has been around with mixing media since the early 90’s as Hadron Data Graphics. The name itself implied what we were doing… combining data and graphics (with some animation and video) for a finished product of searchable text with graphic media for visual information. And we evolved from there… photo-fiedl

The Internet changed my model of producing multi-media DVD’s, but also my interest in video was growing – it was just delivery of video that was slow. But the telecom industry was starting to become exciting. I had teamed with local businesses to implement HDSL technologies for Internet access and delivering video media over phone lines, but the phone company management didn’t get it.. So I went back to the industry and soon found myself working for a start up company that implemented VDSL technologies to provide video over telephone wires. It was an alternative to CATV. Yes, they provided broadcast television services to the televisions over phone lines.

My deeper evolution into video production took hold in early 2000. I saw a big gap in delivering video to home, and that was video content itself – or ownership in that content. So HEM Productions began again to produce short form video’s. Those videos today range from animation to journalism to documentary to entertainment and promotional. We’ve developed a style of our own in producing short interview videos, plus planning, writing, filming, editing, and distributing video promotions, tutorials, and entertainment video clips.

photo-editingMost of the journalism work is in partnership with Viodi LLC. We’ve been reporting on communications and video technologies at national, regional, and state conference with ViodiTV for about 6 years now. ViodiTV is a videoblog with program production services. We have several hundred reports on viodi.tv and have produced programs for hotel channels across the country. Some of the conferences we cover included OPASTCO, NTCA, MTA, WSTA, NAB, SEC, Web Video Summit, CONNECTIONS summit, IP Possibilities, etc..

Bindl production is start to finish with scripting, storyboards, videography, editing, animation, special effects, royalty free music, distribution, and preparation for viewing on-line and TV. We’ve become very time efficient with production having participated in fast form film fest like 48HFP, Kino, and other 24-48Hr film projects. The projects have included animation, drama, comedy, and educational tutorials.

We are experienced and practicing professionals in telecom video (IPTV), Video over the Net, CATV, Telecom & Video infrastructures, video production & editing, video distribution, and engineering.

This site is filled with video samples. Some are serious and sober, while others are light hearted and silly. Some of the video’s were photo-potteryproduced on a whim in an afternoon, while others represent 100’s of hours researching, scripting, filming, and especially editing. Entertaining or not, they demonstrate our ability to be creative and work with various media… text, graphics, photos, animation, video, audio, music, special effects, scripting, and producing video for distribution.