Music and Poetic Videos… Music: Wildwood Growin In My Boots Poetic: Love Took A Walk Music: Rog-n-Tom Cook-n-Clean Music: Annabel Lee Music Video (Yup, out of tune at time; wrote and sang in a morning). Music: Praying Mantis Loosing My Head (Yes, it’s me) Poetic: The Sad Soul Leading to… […]

Music Videos…

Two part video on replacing W shaped tension roller on sliding screen door. There are various shapes of roller springs; this is just one type. The intro is a very quick slide show for those that just want to see photos and steps, the remaining is video footage of the […]

How to Replace Screen Door Tension Roller

A rundown on things we learned about using straw bales for a garden… composition/quality of bales, rabbits can jump, weeds, crumbling bales, faster than a speeding broccoli…

Straw Bale Garden – Lessons Learned

Teaser/trailer plus 1st six episodes, and test pilot for a test series “Battles, Blunders, and Brew-hahas”. This kick off has Dan Dettmer’s, Gorst Valley Hops, getting humorous stories from brewers on things gone awry. The opening trailer provides flavor to the stories on tap explosions, mouse in a beer (not), […]

Battles, Blunders, & Brew-hahas Pilot run #1

Marcella Schumacher was born in 1910, and grew up on the farm. She married Rudolf Pendall in 1940 (divorced 1945). Her father Henry died in 1942. Her mother Eveline died in 1962. She gifted the 40 acre farmstead to Dane County Parks in 1978, and she died on December 17, 1993. Marcella […]

Marcella & the Schumacher Farm Park

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February wasn’t freezing on the 20th this year – 2016. It was unusually warm, a surprise for me, and the 15th anniversary of the Wildwood Film Festival. Two of my films screened that day, or should I say three, and that was part of the surprise. I had produced a short […]

My Wildwood Weekend

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Musica video created with CrazyTalk Animator. It’s a bit of poetry with thoughts on the 2016 Wildwood Film Festival… their 15 year anniversary, roots in Wisconsin, my like for the fest, and the two films I’ll have screening this year; “Marcella & The Schumacher Farm Park”, and “Love Took a Walk.” Lyrics: “From […]

Wildwood Growin in my Boots

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Jack Frost nips at Frosty the Snowman’s nose, while Jingling Bells on a Silent Night to Have a Merry Christmas while Roasting Chestnuts on an open fire in a Winter Wonderland. Now Sleigh Bells Ringing announce Santa Claus is coming to town on a Sleigh Ride with Rudolf the Red-Nosed […]

A Lyrical Collage of Christmas Holiday Songs