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Videographer, Video & Audio Editor, Video Journalist, Documentary Producer, and Animator with Background in Technology, Communications, and Video Broadcast/Distribution.

Highlights from the Good Day Market Event at Octopi Brewing in Dec 2016; with comments from Isaac Showaki – Octopi and Sarah Artz – One-One Thousand on what the event is about. Includes vendors from Madison to Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee and beyond. With free to use YouTube music “By the […]

Good Day Market at Octopi

Photo’s of wild parsnip from around Wauankee and Westport. Details for identifying in 1st photo… Deeply ridged stem, compound leaves, umbrella shaped flowers, will grow well over 4 foot tall, and they love sun. Chemicals from within the plant (when broken open) can cause phyto-photo-dermatitis (severe burning, itching, and blisters) […]

Wild Parsnip

Music and Poetic Videos… Music: Wildwood Growin In My Boots Poetic: Love Took A Walk Music: Rog-n-Tom Cook-n-Clean Music: Annabel Lee Music Video (Yup, out of tune at time; wrote and sang in a morning). Music: Praying Mantis Loosing My Head (Yes, it’s me) Poetic: The Sad Soul Leading to… […]

Music Videos…

Two part video on replacing W shaped tension roller on sliding screen door. There are various shapes of roller springs; this is just one type. The intro is a very quick slide show for those that just want to see photos and steps, the remaining is video footage of the […]

How to Replace Screen Door Tension Roller