Battles, Blunders, & Brew-hahas Pilot run #1

Teaser/trailer plus 1st six episodes, and test pilot for a test series “Battles, Blunders, and Brew-hahas”.

This kick off has Dan Dettmer’s, Gorst Valley Hops, getting humorous stories from brewers on things gone awry. The opening trailer provides flavor to the stories on tap explosions, mouse in a beer (not), crowlers duct taped to hands, and even a haunted brew. Complete stories follow in the playlist.

Fun times with Theresa from Pearl Street Brewery / Bean Juice, Dylan O’so Brewing Co., Aron Furthermore Beer, Brad Stillmank Brewing Co., Tanner Sand Creek Brewing Co., and Krystina Titletown Brewing Co. with Heather Pabst Brewing Co..

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