My Wildwood Weekend 1

February wasn’t freezing on the 20th this year – 2016. It was unusually warm, a surprise for me, and the 15th anniversary of the Wildwood Film Festival. Two of my films screened that day, or should I say three, and that was part of the surprise. I had produced a short promo video for my screenings – which was more of a promo for the 15th year of Wildwood – and things happened.


Part of the surprise was that the guys at Wildwood decided to use my video as an opener to the screenings; which in itself was a shocker. The bigger surprise, which warms me inside with a special feeling, is the plaque in the middle. A slight irony to this recognition as a friend of the festival, is that I am a friend of the Schumacher Farm Park (from the film), and having friends like Craig, Jason, and Tom that support the filmmakers in Wisconsin in such a great thing.

Here are links to the films, they’re in states of hidden and public; The opener “Wildwood Growin in my Boots“, the experimental drama “Love Took a Walk“, and the documentary “Marcella & the Schumacher Farm Park” – filmed at the Schumacher Farm Park.

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  • Rosa Ropers

    Roger, I enjoyed the video this time as much as before. Thank you for volunteering your time to complete the video for all to see.

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