Marcella & the Schumacher Farm Park

Marcella Schumacher was born in 1910, and grew up on the farm. She married Rudolf Pendall in 1940 (divorced 1945). Her father Henry died in 1942. Her mother Eveline died in 1962. She gifted the 40 acre farmstead to Dane County Parks in 1978, and she died on December 17, 1993.

Marcella gifted the farm as a living history museum and conservancy to educate and demonstrate for people what life was like in the 1920’s and 30’s. This video tells a part of that story, shows how the farm has been used and restored by the Friends of Schumacher Farm Park, and highlights some of the events held throughout each year.

The video was 1st screened at the 2016 Wildwood Film Festival in Appleton.

About Roger Bindl

Videographer, Video & Audio Editor, Video Journalist, Documentary Producer, and Animator with Background in Technology, Communications, and Video Broadcast/Distribution.